Everyone should play Fifa 14 i know it can sound boring to some people because it’s all about soccer and they think soccer is a boring sport. But actually it isn’t it’s one the funnest sport to watch in the world especially when the world cup comes around and that is every 4 years but people still wait and have patience till it comes again.

for me Fifa 14 is the best game in the world it’s not because i love soccer but i do it’s because the way it looks and how it feels when you play it actually feels like a real life soccer game because of all the graphics and not just that part but you can create your own team and have any players you want on that team it’s called ultimate team i think everyone that has Fifa 14 gets it because of ultimate team because they love creating their own team with their own players that they always wanted it’s just a great feeling.

In Fifa 14 their is so many things to do you can play online versus people you don’t even know you can play anyone around the world and play with your friends. And their is some mini games that are called skill games and it’s just like little games you can play to try to get better at the game. it’s just a great game to play with your friends you can never get bored of it. so I think if any one that hasn’t played it should try it even if you don’t like soccer it’s just a different feeling it’s more better.


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